Why start a blog?

Let me start by saying that although I am starting an academic blog, I am not exactly what a person would call “an academic”. What I am is a research-passionate education professional with a desire to become a doctoral student. So, a better way to describe it might be a “professional teacher/quasi-academic” blog, or “teacher-nerd/researcher-wannabe” blog, or if you are feeling really generous, an “academic-minded” blog.

I rolled out of bed yesterday and started this; a day later, it still seems like a good idea, although my “why do people care what you have to say” voice has started to whisper in my ear. Then I try to remind myself that I wanted to do this because I have a deep connection to collaborative art. And, because I truly believe that I am my best self when I work with others. So, I think that I will ignore it, keep going and see where this takes me. If in a couple years, if this blog is still going strong and I am using it to spread good ideas, as well as learn from my community, you can officially call this post “advice” that academic and professional blogging is a worthwhile pursuit. Countless before me have attested to this truth, and yet, I am eager to find out from experience.

What I hope for this blog to chronicle is the journey from teaching full-time in the classroom to studying and researching in such a way that the classroom I left behind will continue to benefit from my work. And, possibly, this will take me into working with other teaching adults such that many more classrooms of students will benefit. That is my starry-eyed vision of what this has the potential to be.

Now, I’m off to do my part in bringing that vision into reality!



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