Vlogging and Applied Learning

Yes, I am blogging about vlogging. I’m vlogblogging.

This is more of a declaration of intent that an actual post; mostly because I am not quite ready to discuss it, but I find the current trend of vlogging and it’s applications in the world of education to be very interesting.

The method of blogging through video, or blogging has become an innovative new tool for teachers and learners, however this new format, which obviously catering to our current teen and post-teen learners, raises questions for me about the efficacy of the format for education purposes.

Based on my own reading and experience with the Vlog Brothers (the exposure to which, I must thank my brother, Alex), the format the vlogs was born out of necessity. To keep someone’s attention for a video blog, it must be kept short and to the point, which led to the editing out of pauses in conversation and the rapid-fire delivery of ideas. In my experience, this editing style enhances the effect of a false sense of authority, which is a real potential problem as vlogs are used more and more as legitimate sources of information and partnerships are developed between vloggers and educators.

What I just love, is that this discussion begs the question “How is this false authority any different than, say, the false authority that I am given in this blog?” I’m excited to suss this all out, so that I can continue my struggle with self-confidence. Seriously, this is exciting stuff 🙂

So what are the pitfalls when these are used in education? How are these whirl-wind tours of complex subjects really used? How should they be used? My brother was quick to point out, and rightly so, that vlogs are meant to be jumping off points, a start to more thorough and in-depth learning on a particular subject. But, how much does this actually happen, and is this just more fuel for the fire of that false learning culture which accepts “understanding” and “intellection” as the process of applying one set of concepts or one viewpoint to a subject, instead of multiple sets or interconnections between viewpoints.

I’ll leave you with this post connection, and I’ll be back to this issue soon. Until then, happy vlog learning!



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