About This Blog

Dear Reader,

This is a personal account of my travels in the field of “Special Education” and the research that drives my passions. If complex learning and/or communication needs are a part of your life, if you enjoy education research, or if you just want to humor me, there should be some suggestions, questions,  hints and meanderings for you.

teaching transitions:

1. noun, changes in the roles associated with the responsibilities of teaching.

2.verb, helping others to build skills for making change, specifically with regard to students with transition and adaptive behavior difficulties.

3. noun, changes from one type of teaching to another.

This blog is a record of change: my change in career from an exceptional children’s classroom teacher to a university level classroom teacher and researcher, changes in my personal cannon of educational best practice and thought, change in pedagogy for students with complex needs. Some of these changes have already happened, continue to happen, or will happen sometime in the future, and I hope to capture whatever musings arise in the process. If it is helpful to you, then I am happy.

Most Affectionately Yours,

Kathryn Haughney


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